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About us

Where it Began

est. 1972

buurt restaurant

Brasserie 't Siertje

Brasserie ‘t Siertje beschikt over een stijlvolle ruimte voor het organiseren van uw besloten feest, diner, lunch of receptie

We welcome  you to our restaurant with heart-felt love and open minded to see you enjoy our daily deliciouse home made food. As the Cheff I will say it is a pleasure for us to serve you well. 

Brasserie 't Siertje


Openning Tijden

Geopend van Maandag t/m Zondag

Maandag t/m  Zaterdeag

van 9:00 tot 19:00 uur




BIG Family Meals

New family deals to go.


All kinds of drinks


Healthy soups to take both in Summer and Winter

nacho chips

Nacho chips all time for your relaxation

Divers broodjes

Fresh Divers Breads of different types baked freshly daily